Hi I’m Blaire, creator here at SeeVeed.

If I was to describe my background and resume to you it’s an eclectic mix from a design degree, a brief stint in accounts payable and moonlighting as a bartender, to working for some of NZ’s leading magazines as an editorial assistant, beauty writer and fashion stylist. When the travel life called I started flying full time as international cabin crew and took up a position as editor for the airline’s in-house magazine.

When my job was directly impacted by the spread of the Covid pandemic and I found myself updating my CV, I noticed those proofreading and rewriting skills coming into use. I realised I might be able to help others in a similar position, and the idea of SeeVeed was born.


I see it as an opportunity for my editorial eye and creative nous to come together and enable people to get back into the job market, chase that promotion or maybe even head on a different trajectory. I can help write those awkward bits that are often so hard to write yourself and present it in a way that will hopefully bring your CV to the top of the pile.